The Photochemistry center of the Russian academy of sciences (PC RAS) conducts research in the emerging field of science bordering on physics and chemistry, that is photonics of supramolecular nanosized structures.

The work of PC RAS focuses on carrying out fundamental research and training specialists.

The fundamental research of the Center is based on two platforms, that is predictive computer simulation and experiment. They aim at synthesis of new chemical compounds able to form supramolecular structures, production of supramolecular complexes and ensembles, supramolecular nano-, micro- and macrocryslals, study of the architecture, linear and nonlinear optical and photochemical properties of such systems, establishing the links between the architecture of supramolecular structures and their optical and photochemical properties. 

In the Center the complexes of physicochemical models and programs are developed. They enable to carry out computer simulation and virtual design of nanostructured organic and hybrid materials and systems. 

On the basis of the Photochemistry center jointly with Moscow institute of physics and technology, Moscow engineering physics institute and M.V. Lomonosov Moscow state academy of fine chemical technology there has been established the Education and research center “Organic Nanophotonics” where the upper students of the institutes listed above are given training.